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Meet our BG FIT Technicians

At KLM we have a BG FIT Technician on staff at both locations to help guarantee you get the most accurate information and service when it comes to proper fit for your new bike and accessories.

Ryan Katulic
Masters BG FIT Technician 
KLM Rochester Hills
Ryan Katulic is our primary BG FIT Technician and works out of both KLM's Rochester Hills and Birmingham, MI locations.  Ryan is a life long resident of Rochester, MI and attends classes at Oakland University. He is involved in many different disciplines of cycling including Elite level Mountain Bike racing, but in general just loves working with bikes and the people they attract. Long interested in biomechanics and the relationship between position and performance he has been a certified BG Fitter for over 2 years now and has just recently advanced as a fitter completing Specialized's BG FIT Masters class in conjunction with Andy Pruitt from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.  Having performed fits for every type of rider along with holding bike fit clinics at local physical therapy and podiatry offices Ryan has ammased considerable experience with the real world implications behind the changes made in the fit studio. No matter what type of rider you are or how much experience Ryan would love the opportunity to help you find a better riding position!