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BG FITTING Testimonials

With hundreds of satisfied riders having gone through BG FITTING at KLM with KLM Katulic, we felt it best to share some of their comments regarding their fit with you to help better relay the implications a proper fit has for your ride.

If you would like to see your feedback on a BG Fit at KLM posted here please email us at

I completed the 24 hour challenge with my new fit and it worked great.  What I did not prepare well for was the ass burn I got after several hours in the saddle, and the heat.  I also decided not to ride in the rain due to my two previous rain crashes this year, so I only completed 212 miles, but I beat my previous record of 200 miles and will be a lot better prepared next year to reach 300 miles.  I had no knee pain whatsoever and only minimal back pain, which has since disappeared after a couple more 100 and 90 miles rides since then.  I feel more power is going to the pedals, especially when I climb while still on the drops, and I am back to pushing the big chain ring to keep up with faster stronger riders without any pain.  I am very happy with the results!  Many thanks.
Dave Danek

"I have bought 3 Giant road bikes from KLM in Troy.  Zach, the General Manager, and the staff have always talked with me personably and by name which is a rare and refreshing experience as a consumer.
My passion for road cycling has considerably grown over the years.  I realized that my body was screaming for a bike fit.  I was then eager for the full BG fit with KLM.  It was worth the money, time, and I am amazed at how I rode without having a thorough fit like this before!  KLM accounted for my flexibility, my riding goals, my riding style, differing leg lengths and is extremely knowledgeable.  
KLM doesn’t just “fit” you to your bike, they show a genuine interest in your comfort and body mechanics.  The fit tech advised me to come back after the initial visit with any questions, concerns or areas of discomfort.   I think I took my bike back at least 4 times, and after discussing my concerns with KLM he would tweak something on my bike, and I’d on my way.  
I’m not mechanical, and wouldn’t have a clue as to how to do this on my own.  However, the BG fit achieved my goal! I comfortably stay in my saddle longer and my overall riding ability and confidence has greatly improved.  I realized that without a professional fit, I could have been exacerbating back or knee pain due to overuse or improper mechanics.   I have enjoyed doing several Gran Fondos and Centuries this summer, and there is no way I could have lasted in the saddle without the bike fit.  Another thing I value about KLM staff like Zach is that they do not try to “oversell”.  When I needed to buy shoes with a bigger toe box and a wider seat, the fit tech was frank in showing me what products would help, not necessarily the most expensive.  I have learned a lot from this process, and enjoy continue to learn.
Trust me my body is extremely happy that I invested in the BG fit!  
So thanks again KLM..."
Rose Biondo

"When I purchased my new road bike, comfort was my number one concern.  I wanted to be able to train and regain long lost fitness.  KLM helped me pick the right bike and fit me with a more upright riding position. Several riding seasons later, as my fitness improved, I wanted to change my riding position to get more aggressive and hopefully faster. I made an appointment with KLM's certified Master Body Geometry (BG) Fit consultant. After discussing my objectives and evaluating my flexibility, pedal stroke, and riding position he suggested some changes. Through various configuration tools, BG Fit allowed me to test the recommendations and refine them based on my comfort. My new riding position helped me ride further and faster in training and eventually achieve my performance goals in various events. BG Fit removes the "Trial and Error" approach to bike fitting and provides better, faster results and saves you money. Whether you just want to ride for recreational fitness or you want to try your legs in a few races, a proper fit is critical. I highly recommend the BG Fit process and KLM in particular."
Briggs Pille

This is going to make me feel a little stupid but its the truth. I have been riding for over 20yrs. I have done dozens of races and 24hr races, ridden in Arizona, BC, Alberta and owned rigid bikes, hardtails, the first full suspension bikes Pro-Flex with Girvin forks! In all that time I have never really been comfortable on the bike. I have many old stems, seatposts and saddles that testify to that. Since I started riding when I was much younger I figured that discomfort (knees, back, neck) was normal and you just rode through it its mountain biking its supposed to hurt. I was stuck in that mode for 20yrs.
Due to an unfortunate hockey incident I needed to have two vertabrae fused in my neck and I knew the 2in travel Scalpel would have to go, I couldn't handle the position and rough ride. I turned to KLM where I bought my Scalpel and they put me onto a plush Giant Trance with 5in of travel. 
KLM was offering the BG Fit program and after my injury and knowing I was never really comfortable on the bike i figured what have I got to lose ... maybe the kid in the 5 finger shoes might know something, what the hell.
I showed up and KLM did not put me right on the bike .. after a pretty long and intensive measurement process (is he just killing time to make this thing seem technical was running through my mind a little).
After the measurement process Im finally on the bike! KLM is walking around and observing and measuring and observing and measuring! Man is he confused or does he know what he's doing?!? About 1.5 hrs into this process the fit tech says were going to flip your seatpost around and give you forward offset. Im hearing someone in the shop say did we get him the right bike size? Is this going to work? Fit tech is confident and im a little concerned. The stem is dialed in the reach is adjusted the bars are cut the cleats are aligned and a new saddle that at first looked wicked uncomfortable, everything about my previous bike setups was changed. 
I rode the new setup and was amazed ... no back, knee, neck pain. It was the most enjoyable riding experience I ever had. I was blown away. I quickly modified my road bike and added a cross bike with the new fit. I was able to hang with the KLM crew most of the summer on their awesome training rides every thursday and I was riding faster and stronger than I have in years with no pain! I used this year as a new start point and I have really been reintroduced to riding thanks to the BG fit and KLM's expertise. I capped off this riding season by doing a Gran Fondo from Vancouver to Whistler 122km with 5500ft of climbing. I enjoyed the whole ride and most importantly beat all my west coast buddies to the finish line.

Honestly I think if you have any issues with riding then see KLM and get a BG fit done ... the price of the bike isnt important the fit is the most important thing you can do to be riding with comfort, increasing your performance and having fun.
KLM, thanks for all the help this season and making it my best riding season yet, and as i sit here typing i have a screaming back injury from you guessed it ... hockey. 
See you out there
Hamid Mir