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DID YOU KNOW YOU COULD BE RIDING FASTER, longer, and in greater comfort without changing a thing about your training regimen, rest, or diet? The secret? BG F.I.T. - the first totally integrated system for fitting bike to rider.

Though some like to follow fit philosophies that exclusively utilize formulas, we appreciate that there is no average body type. The optimal fit enables a rider to get the most performance from her/his bike and body. Comfort, speed, and control can all be enhanced to ensure that whatever your objectives are, you will be better equipped to meet them... and with greater enjoyment. At KLM Bike & Fitness, we have made significant investments in training and equipment in order to assist you in arriving at your optimal fit. Visit Specialized's site for a more hands on explanation of the fitting experience. Call us today or email to learn more or schedule an appointment, 248-645-2453.

Basic Bicycle Sizing    $100

In the Bicycle Sizing, the bike is adjusted to fit your body while you sit in a stationary position, boosting your comfort and efficiency while minimizing the potential for injury. Adjustments include:

  • Static saddle height adjustment
  • Static fore-aft saddle position adjustment
  • Static handlebar height adjustment
  • Approximate fit time: 45 - 60 minutes

Comprehensive Video Analysis Body Geometry Fit    $195

Perfect for the beginner or experienced rider, the Comprehensive Video Analysis Body Geometry Fit is the highest level of custom bike resulting in maximum increases in comfort, efficiency, and power. A Comprehensive Fit includes all the below elements:

  • Real time video motion capture analysis and playback of your riding position
  • Advanced assessment of the rider's flexibility and unique body structure.
  • A rider profile is discussed to build upon prior experience, address current issues, and reach athletic goals.
  • Hip, knee, and foot alignment.
  • Pedal, Shoe, and Foot bed recommendations.
  • Other adjustments and recommendations as needed.
  • Dynamic saddle height adjustment while pedaling in a stationary trainer 
  • Dynamic fore-aft saddle position adjustment 
  • Dynamic handlebar height adjustment 
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Approximate time for Comprehensive fit is 1.5-2 hours

Cleat Adjustment    $99            With Shoe Purchase    $80

In addition to fie tuning your pedal stroke on the bike, a cleat adjustment is the perfect compliment to a new pair of shoes or a great way to get more out of your workout in spin class. It carries many of the same benefits a comprehensive fit does:

  • Basic assesment of the rider's unique body structure.
  • Hip, knee, and foot alignment, 
  • Pedal, shoe, and Foot bed recommendations.
  • Fore/Aft & Lateral Cleat Placement.
  • Frontal Analysis of Pedal Stroke. 
  • Approximate time for Comprehensive fit is 60 minutes.

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